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Blasting Field Usage and Intelligence Solution

Everything that the blaster needs available in the field

Features of our platform

Data Collection

Ability to collect blast data in the field. Syncronoze to a central blast database cross all your mines.

Predictors & Map View

Predict Flyrock, Air and Ground Vibration at your site on Map.

Access Specialized / Secure Content

Ability to view specialized blasting videos/content on your mobile securely

Blast Approvals

Get all pre-blast approvals on the App from the various people in your organisation. Signatures can be done on the App itself & record kept electronically

Where should I blast for a desired output?

If GIS information for your mine is available which provides resource model, we can import that information on our platform & can provide indicators of where to blast to get desired output

Blast Design

Ability to do Blast Designs                      


Avail Advanced Analytics related to blasting based on data collected including cost optimization

Where did I blast?

Ability to display all your past blasts (over the years) at your mine on a map with ability to filter based on several criteria such as explosive type, date.

Photo / Video Capture

Collect blast details, GPS locations, Photographs / Video & time of blast in the field including pre-blast, charging & post blast photos.

View Documents in the field

Ability to access/ view blasters handbook, manuals. Work instructions and procedures in the field itself.

All Our Softwares

Blast Information Management System(BIMS)

Our Blasting Enterprise Suite