Our Features

Intuitive for all users all users

Quick Setup

MineExcellence provide quality resources through cost-effective and efficient infrastructure. User don't have to go through complicated process, MineExcellence provides very easy user interface by which user can register on site and can choose different mining software. After subscribing to the required software user can use them efficiently by using their credentials.

Easy online access

User can easily access to MineExcellence anywhere, anytime with internet connectivity by simply using the url. New user can register on site and can choose the Software available in mining and can do payment easily in their own currency.

Mobile and tablet friendly
Intuitive for all users all users

Available Anywhere

MineExcellence is a website which can be accessed anywhere with ease and convenience. All the software embedded into MineExcellence can be used with user verification. It provide services which work on different mobile devices and can be taken with us anywhere.

Mobile/Tablet Friendly

MineExcellence works on iPads, Android/Windows tablets, and is compatible with iOS too. MineExcellence is useful for all small as well as big mining companies and work with all the aspects of mining on both Mobile as well as Tablet.

Mobile and tablet friendly
Intuitive for all users all users

Covers all aspects of Mining

MineExcellence provide complete Blasting solution with its software like BIMS, BIMSu, BLADES, Flyrock Estimation, Air Blast Prediction, Ground Vibration Prediction and many more. We provide Learning Management Solution and Blasting Video Lectures for E-learning and training purpose. We also provide mobile applications like Integrated Blasting Mobile Solution and Safemine for different mining prospectus.

Assured Data Security and Integrity

The services are provided with the belief that your data should be available to you - and only you - anytime, anywhere. Our ongoing investment and commitment to security allows us to guarantee the absolute privacy and confidentiality of our customers' data.
Secure User Authentication: When you create account on MineExcellence,your data is protected by your own unique username and password. Without both, your information will not be accessible. If you forget or misplace your password, then your password will be sent to the email that you have shared with us at the time of login.
Browser Security: Whenever you close the Internet browser displaying, your data becomes inaccessible unless you re-enter your unique login ID and password.

Mobile and tablet friendly
Intuitive for all users all users

Easy to use and intuitive

Our software is easy to use and perfect for mining industry users. It have user friendly interface and intuitive working process, even the most novice of online learners will be able to pick up the system very quickly and can subscribe to our mining software and can get better experience in mining.

Divided conveniently into handpicked modules

All the services are provided as web base, mobile application. We provide many Blasting solution, E-learning solutions, Mobility solutions and Software as a service (SaaS).We provide different blasting solutions, Analyzers, predictors, Designers which help to improve the blasting process, result and benefits.

Divided conveniently into Handpicked modules
Intuitive for all users all users

Equally Useful for small mines, to large multi-mine sites,and for mining students and professionals

We provide a variety of applications and softwares which serve mine industry and supports both students and professionals. We provide our services on different scale to make them usable from small mines to large mines.