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23 Aug 2016


Blasting can impact the efficiency of entire downstream mining operation. Individual technology solutions for blasting have been available in the industry for many years but all of them only cater for certain aspects of blasting. Many of them are based on individual research and/or experiences. Some of the available software solutions are not suitable to be used in the field as that they need advanced skills or tools. Also, most do not take technology advancements like mobility, advanced data analytics, web solutions and integration into consideration. Hence, currently no technology platform is currently present in the industry that addresses all potential needs a blaster may need at the same time in an integrated manner.

13 Jul 2016


Mines using standardized information technology throughout mining life cycle (called as smart or intelligent mine) could help restore the reputation of the industry and align interests of investors, environmentalist and the communities in which mines operate. The application of information technology is happening at every phase of the mining value chain, from exploration and geological modeling to equipment, operations and maintenance, and logistics and transportation. Innovative hand held units allow field data to be captured and automatically down loaded when the unit is docked, eliminating human error during data transfer. The information has to be accurate and it has to be the right information; it needs to be easy to access and needs to be available fast. Examples are given wherein integrated environmental monitoring system has been applied or where drilling and blasting data can be used with predictors before blasting.

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