Digital Mine

Mining companies have several business operations that require digitisation. Some of them don’t require multimillion-dollar investments -Simple solutions that do the job are just as good. A mobile App to collect information in the field, an integrated web form to see the data and tools that allow analytics on that data. If you have a process that requires digitization please let us know – Share your form with us and we will digitize it for you.

While the mining industry has been slow to adopt digitization compared to other industries, it is now quickly shifting their business models to embrace the power that digital technologies can bring from the mine to the market. Through integration of cloud and mobile based systems and built in software analytic tools which provides insight into data trends, mining companies are seeing benefits that were once hard. These same benefits can extend to smaller and mid-sized mining companies as well easily.

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eSignatures, File Uploads, Layout Components, Offline Mode, File Storage and Management

digital your mine


    Timesheets and dockets.
    Inspections, checklists and forms.
    Scheduling and allocating.
    Compliance Documents.
    Forms Automation.
    Field Operations.

Key Points

Accessibility and Efficiency and Quality of Data

Digital forms allow changes to be made instantly and errors to be recognized immediately by reducing the data collection time and distribution. What once took days, can now be accomplished in only a few minutes. Huge amounts of data are collected within the mining industry yet less than 1% of the data collected is used in such events that could increase awareness and prevent accidents that cost companies millions. When data is stored in the system, it is readily accessible to authorized users which then provides better efficiency and productivity within the workplace environment. The quality of digital data reduces ambiguity and managing data becomes a faster process as errors in the system are easily recognized and dealt with.

Cost Reduction

Technology can result in significant cost reductions by identifying operational efficiency at several places.

Real-Time Data

Storing data digitally allows monitoring of real-time performance and real-time analytics. 31% of mining companies use real-time data visualization and have realized how much of a success it is within their company.