Improving mine productivity by better analysis of blasting data

Posted Date:2017-05-26 07:14:10 Posted By: Sushil Bhandari

The application of information technology is happening at every phase of the mining value chain, from exploration and geological modeling to equipment operations and maintenance,
and logistics and transportation. For a mine, an endless stream of data is available in the form of performance and condition data from sensors and monitoring devices on fixed and mobile assets through networks, servers, and services. This data can be processed and analyzed to spot trends, help predict events, and formulate reliability strategies as early as the design stage (e.g., reliability-cantered design). Data gathering, processing and analysis can be used to optimize operational efficiency, increase asset availability and utilization, improve safety and environmental integrity, and maximize return on investment. Smart planning and coordination of activities are required to mitigate variability caused by external forces; disciplined
execution is needed to eliminate variability that miners create themselves.

An integrated technology solution for optimised and environmentally controlled blasts

Posted Date:2016-08-23 12:05:56 Posted By: Sushil Bhandari


Blasting can impact the efficiency of entire downstream mining operation. Individual technology solutions for blasting have been available in the industry for many years but all of them only cater for certain aspects of blasting. Many of them are based on individual research and/or experiences. Some of the available software solutions are not suitable to be used in the field as that they need advanced skills or tools. Also, most do not take technology advancements like mobility, advanced data analytics, web solutions and integration into consideration. Hence, currently no technology platform is currently present in the industry that addresses all potential needs a blaster may need at the same time in an integrated manner.