Air Vibration Predictor

Air Vibration Predictor helps in assessing Air vibration levels in the area surrounding the blast. The predictors support and improve compliance with blasting related planning conditions and contribute to improve blast performance and blast design. It provides minimum instantaneous charge (MICs) to the operator that ensures compliance with vibration level restrictions by design rather than by accident. The vibration software allows analysis of financial and environmental risks, hence optimizing costs and maximizing efficiency.


    Graphical representation of sonic law generation with regression analysis and coefficient values for Air Vibration
    Estimates Sound Intensity level (dbL) based on charge and distance for Air Vibration
    Satellite and terrain view of contour plans for Air/Ground Vibration
    Generates reports
    Ability to save air vibration data on cloud. Later it can retrieve, updated and deleted
    Satellite and terrain view of contour plans with Distance and Vibration