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12 Jun 2018

Digital Mine


Digitize your field incident reports, drilling reports, vehicle & machinery and equipment inspection reports, equipment checklists, mining operations procedures documents, costs analyses, extraction procedures documents and more to save your team of workers hundreds of hours. Employees with mobile apps work faster and information returns in real-time.

By switching from traditional paperwork to DigitalMINE, a MineExcellence product, you can also make sure classified data doesn’t get misplaced and relay information more smoothly. This benefits both management and workers. 

The DigitalMINE app includes all sorts of mining industry forms, checklists and report generators. You can find forms crafted specifically for machine operators, waste management teams, drilling professionals and more.

Our app serve as assistant that can be customized to include other additional helpful information for all of the critical facets of your job. Upon submission, the app generates a report that is saved on cloud which makes for easy sharing and storage. DigitalMINE makes your job easier than ever.

Easy access to details is critical to success in the mining world. Our inspections reports and checklists help you organize, schedule and track all the most critical terms of your job. Forget whatever paper forms you have been using. Our app provides a unique digital platform that enables you to develop checklists, track schedules, prepare forms and do so much more.

With the ability to monitor and optimize mining operations in real-time and predict production performance, mining companies now see where going digital will lead to and are aligning their strategy to contain digital innovation. Mines will become safer, more sustainable, environment-friendly & responsive to global changes with the use of DigitalMINE, a mine excellence product.

  • In DigitalMINE, the organization can store, retrieve and analyze its data and create specific reports and analytics to ensure user ease. It visualizes the most up-to-date version of the current short term production plan, by integrating with forms and reports. This way it removes pen and paper system and reduces the chances of human error.
  • Access secured mining content anywhere anytime. - Offers a single trusted source of data, across organizations.
  • Real time data visualization. - Visualizes data and information on dashboards and interactive reports with drill-down analysis, including product genealogy and traceability of materials.

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