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24 Aug 2016

Get Access To Innovative Mining Technology Immediately


The resource sector is going through a hard time due to falling commodity prices - This is the time to innovate and optimize/improve mining operations. Simply going for cost cutting measures will prove counterproductive in the long run.

We have recently launched a mine technology startup called MineExcellence. MineExcellence provides some unique technology tools for the mining industry. It marries the latest in technology innovation with years of mining industry experience. MineExcellence provides you technology innovation available very easily and an affordable cost. Being a cloud hosted SaaS solution, you do not require any infrastructure or setup. You just register and start using the solution straightaway -Like now!.

MineExcellence provides the following technology tools :

  •  Blasting Software : Mineexcellence provides technology tool for blast design, blast data collection and various predictors. The predictors improve operational efficiency and reduce risk in mining operations.
  •  Mine Safety APP : A web based solution as well as mine safety mobile app (Android,iPhone and Windows).
  • Learning Management System for Mining Companies : Companies can use this to create training courses suitable to their employees or we can create this for them on their behalf. Ebooks, Manuals, Video based training courses from leading mining experts available.
  • Social Collaboration Platform for Mining Companies : You can have your profile within our company, interact with each other, write blogs.

Advantages to a Company :

  • Available Now : You simply log on to website and start using the software today. No infrastructure required. We have options for both cloud hosted as well as the software can be installed at your company (on-premise installs), if required. For some softwares mobile app is also available.
  • Your Own Branding : When you log on to MineExcellence you get the branding of your company (logo etc).
  • Cost Effective: We operate based on a per user /per month license. You do not need to go through extensive approvals and infrastructure - Simply use any card to log to the site today.
  • Administration : Companies can buy large number of licenses and have an internal administrator or a mineexcellence employee who can monitor exactly when an employee logged in. Also your data is completely secure, segregated and also full backed up each day.
  •  Technological features : Mobile APPs work in offline mode - So work even is no internet is present.
  •  Multi Lingual : It is available in 46 global languages including many regional Indian languages.

I strongly feel that the use of technology in mining industry will increase many fold soon. I feel there is no age limitations for a startup and I enjoy creating technology and learning products for the mining industry. MineExcellence is a joint development effort between Earthresourcetechnology and ContinuousExcellence.



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