Drilling Information Management System

Drilling Data Analytics Platform (DRIMS), is web and mobile based data mining platform which simplifies the process of identifying and extracting geological information and helps the drilling contractors and clients in key decision-making process and thus increasing the productivity of the companies by providing an end-to-end solution to the entire drilling operation whether its geotechnical drilling, blast hole drilling or oil & gas well drilling or water well drilling.

It optimizes the drilling operations by increasing the efficiency, reducing the drilling time and reducing the cost in an economically sound manner.


    Caters for various types of drilling.
    Ability to design drill pattern.
    Real time information available from field.
    Systematic storage, retrieval and analysis of drilling data.
    Scheduling and real time work status
    Map view of past and planned drills.
    Ability to create client specific reports or analytics.
    Ability to capture drill images and videos.
    Auto invoicing system to invoice clients for work completed.
    Data direct from machine / Drill Navigation system.
    Quality control – Define and measure key metrics.
    Drill Inventory Management.
    Safety alerts if drilled design is not fulfilling safety criteria.
    Drill approvals with electronic signatures.
    Access secured drilling content anywhere anytime.
    Operator Performance Analysis.
    Ability to fill daily activities report and submit it
    Ability to download daily activity reports filled by employees