What We Offer

The Startup Solutions

MineExcellence is "ONE STOP SHOP" to help you fulfill all your needs. It provides a number of facilities for their clients.

Our Startup Project are:

  • Complete Solutions for all aspects of Blasting – Blast design, Blast Management and Blast optimization.
  • Predictors for various aspects of mining operations.
  • Cloud Hosted SaaS capability.
  • Mobility solution for Android and iPhone/iPad.
  • Advanced Data Analytics.
  • Operational Efficiency.
  • Efficient use of explosives, optimal fragment size distribution.

In present world, the process may be managed but NOT Engineered so we offer complete solution of measuring and controlling various aspects of Blasting and Mining.

There is growing convergence of "consumer" technologies that we are using every day on our iOS and Android devices such as camera, motion sensors, and GPS systems. Use of Mobile devices makes it easier to collect data on site and it mainstream in many places where mobile workforce is present. Use of these devices would be ideal in the field for Drill and Blast personnel. They would get the required capability of collecting on-site-blasting details.

To use this application, mining personnel can take the device to blasting site in android or iOS device to the blasting site. All parameters related to drilled holes and explosive charging, stemming etc can be collected. At this stage blaster can recheck predicted fragment size distribution, flyrock distance, ground and air vibration, fragment size etc and if there is variation from designed and limits are exceeded then changes in charging, stemming, initiation devices and timing can be done before executing the blast. Photographs and videos can also be saved using capabilities of the device. Data can be imported from other devices or tools such as vibration monitoring record.

Mobile Solutions

E_learning Solution

We have a complete E-learning Management Solution. This solution provides you Video Lectures for Learning. These videos are made up of presentation and live blast recording.

Person whoever is interested in watching video can pay and watch the blasting video lectures.

Our E-Learning Solutions are:

  • Blasting Video Lectures.
  • Learning Management Solutions(LMS).
  • Mining Collaboration and Social Platform.

We have developed a number of mining engineering software's. These have been installed at many of the leading companies with a good installed base being in India. We provide some unique characteristics including:

  • Specialized Blasting Software.
    • Blast Vibration Measurement / Data Capture and reporting capability.
    • Blasting Audit & Optimization.
  • Mine Planning Software.
  • Environmental and operational predictors/simulators.
  • Big Data Analytics Solution for the mining industry.
The Services