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01 Jul 2016

Blasting operations cause several adverse environmental effects. With the development of new explosives systems and initiation devices, blast design and execution techniques, the blasting process has now become more efficient and safer than before. Use of software tools for blast design, support in execution, blast monitoring and analysis makes it possible that damages and dangers from blasting can be predicted before blasting thus adverse impacts of blasting can be controlled and reduced. Software for prediction of vibrations, airblast, wave front reinforcement, flyrock, dust plume movement prediction are tools can be used before blasts to control environ impacts.

01 Jul 2016

1. Introduction

Mining operations require numerous steps and multiple operations, which are affected by precedent activities and also affect subsequent operations. Blasting is an important step in most mining operations and can impact the efficiency of entire downstream mining operation. Many new technologies, useful to mining and quarrying have recently become available. Some are applicable to drilling and blasting operations. There is potential to apply these technological applications in every aspect of blasting planning, design, and execution - drilling, charging, predicting results and assessing outcomes. Others apply to subsequent mining unit operations and can generate data for objective assessment of blasting results

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