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12 Jul 2016

1. Introduction


Mining operations require numerous steps and multiple operations, which are affected by precedent activities and also affect subsequent operations. Many mining operations have a need to collect, report, and share data on various aspects of the operation for environmental, safety, or production reasons. The application of information technology is happening at every phase of the mining value chain, from exploration and geological modeling to equipment, operations and maintenance, and logistics and transportation. The information has to be accurate and it has to be the right information; it needs to be easy to access and needs to be available fast.

12 Jul 2016


Splittable sandstone is extracted in the form of blocks and cut into sized slabs to use in construction/ roofing. The uneven shape and crushed form of sandstone is mainly the waste material and has little application. Thus, extraction of sandstone in the form of blocks without damages at quarries has more value. Hence, experimental work in the quarries of sandstone was carried out for assessment of damages in the process of separating blocks by using detonating cord of 10 g/m to 30 g/m by varying hole spacing, hole diameter, air cushioning, water and sand filled blastholes. Blasthole notching was also carried out. Tests in the field were also carried out by using various slitted liners in sandstone formation. The results of experiments are analyzed in this research paper for controlling of damages and to improve the recovery of saleable product.

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