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23 Jun 2016

With the development of new explosives systems and initiation devices, blast design and execution techniques, the blasting process has now become more efficient and safer than before. The innovative practices in the area of drilling, new bulk loading of explosives & initiation systems, performance measurement and the evaluation of blast outcome and productivity need to be adopted in Indian mines. Blasting operations cause several adverse environmental effects and may result in safety problems. This paper gives examples of predicted parameters and changes which can be made before blasting to control adverse environmental impacts.

24 Aug 2016

Abstract : 

The resource sector is going through a hard time due to falling commodity prices - This is the time to innovate and optimize/improve mining operations. Simply going for cost cutting measures will prove counterproductive in the long run.

We have recently launched a mine technology startup called MineExcellence. MineExcellence provides some unique technology tools for the mining industry. It marries the latest in technology innovation with years of mining industry experience. MineExcellence provides you technology innovation available very easily and an affordable cost. Being a cloud hosted SaaS solution, you do not require any infrastructure or setup. You just register and start using the solution straightaway -Like now!.

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